East Africa IGF Meetup - 2020

About East Africa IGF

The East African Internet Governance Forum is a multi-stakeholder event and is supported by East African Community Secretariat.

The East African IGF, which first convened in 2008, aims at creating a community of practice that will, in the long term, become a sustaining foundation for meaningful participation of East African stakeholders in internet public policy debates at the national, regional and international level.

The objectives of the EAIGF are to:

  • Create awareness and build policy and technical capacity in order to enable meaningful participation in global internet governance and ICT Policy processes
  • Institute a consensus building process and develop a common understanding among East African internet stakeholders on the nature and character of IG
  • Provide a forum provide that engages industry, government, parliament, media, academia and civil society in debate on Internet Governance issues.



Some governmental bodies have embraced the multistakeholder model of Internet governance as way to develop effective, collaborative solutions to both global and local Internet challenges.


Private actors in the information technology sector are currently playing an increasingly important role in content mediation, as well as in regulation of online forms of expression, with implications for both internet rights and economic freedom.


The diversity of civil society actors and their ability to track different issues in internet governance spaces makes them a valuable asset for the regional IGFs.


Academia is not just about affecting policy, but also the ability and opportunity to inform policy makers about some of the better ways forward